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The Charr are a race of large, savage, cat-like creatures that occupy much of northeastern Tyria (Continent). Charr society consists of four legions, three allied (Blood Legion, Ash Legion, Iron Legion) and one outcast (Flame Legion). Each legion is then separated into different warbands. The Charr Capital is the Black Citadel.

Although the Charr live in relative peace with one another and their neighbors to the west, the Norn, this does not mean that they do not have to defend their territories. Human resistance forces from the Blazeridge Mountains (possibly the city of EbonHawke) still strike out from their sole remaining fortress, and the ghosts of Ascalon City still zealously guard their home as if they might still have a chance against the might of the Charr legions. Meanwhile, the twisted servants of the dragon rose from the Grothmar Wardowns and flew to the Crystal Desert. These servants are scattered around the Charr Homelands and Ascalon, killing any Charr that have the misfortune to encounter them.

Since the time of the original game, the Charr have evolved into an industrious race and can be seen using firearms as weapons.

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