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Dwayna is the goddess of life and air. She is the matron goddess of Monks (particularly Healing Monks), Aeromancers and Leadership and Motivation Paragons, and is considered the leader of the old gods.

Lore of DwaynaEdit

And when the world rang with the clanging of swords and did fire fall from the skies, Dwayna, goddess of life and air, heard the wailings and pleas of the weak.

And when the rumblings of war did not cease, came Her charge, Doric, who did prostrate himself at Her feet.

And cast She now a glance upon the war-torn lands and wasted flesh of the fallen, and with tears upon Her cheek did lay Her gentle hands upon the prostrate man. Then saith She unto to him and all Her charges, "Lay down thy weapons, and as I have done unto ye, so ye must do for your brethren. Offer protection to the weak. Give solace and shelter to those who need it. Be ye a salve to the wounded. "For I am your goddess, and I will give blessings to all who follow these teachings."

-- Scriptures of Dwayna: 115 BE (Before Exodus)