Welcome to GuildWiki 2! We are attempting to gather a collection of data before Guild Wars 2 is released in a attempt of getting a head start on creating a full game guide!

Find Some Guild Wars 2 Info?Edit

Don't be shy! Feel free to post your find to help spread the pre-release knowledge about the game! Don't forget to post the source!
And After Posting It Please Provide Pics!

Wiki To-Do ListEdit

  • Licensing issues: All pages here need to be rewritten using our sources
  • Adding/fixing links to Special:Wantedpages
  • Adding profession pages
  • Adding skill pages
  • Adding information from Arenanet
  • Adding nav templates
  • Organizing Categories and adding images, pages, etc. to them.
  • Uploading and Adding images to pages.


We need a new logo to represent the face to Guildwiki 2, anyone wanting to take a shot at designing a new logo see the discussion page.

Please NoteEdit

GuildWiki 2 does not use the same licensing as GuildWiki, therefore content may not be copied without the permission of all authors of the article.

GuildWiki2 is under CC-BY-SA. So, we can only copy from other CC-BY-SA sources and even then, we must tell what is the source in some way.

Linking back to GuildWikiEdit

Many pages will have links back to GuildWiki info, Currently the simplest way of doing it is inserting:

{{guildwiki|Article name|Optional link title}}

To add a link to Guildwiki.

Also for articles that have related information on Guildwiki use:

{{Guildwiki Article}}

Note that this will link to the article on Guildwiki of the same name of the page the template is located on.