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Formed long ago in the history of Elona, the Order of the Sunspears was an elite cadre of guardians devoted to the protection of the continent as a whole, without answering to either of the three provinces (Istan, Kourna, or Vabbi). 250 years prior to the events of Guild Wars 2 they defeated Abaddon, subsequently allowing Kormir to become the new Goddess of Truth.

The peace brought about by this victory did not last, for the purpose of defeating Abaddon, the order had awakened Palawa Joko, the undead lord who once posed the greatest threat to Elona's safety. In time Palawa Joko gathered his strength and all but wiped out the Order of the Sunspears, scattering them throughout the land as he systematically conquered the continent they swore to protect. The few Sunspears that remain are nothing more than forgotten heroes and vagabonds, forced to see their failure every waking moment.

However, some of the Order chose to forsake their oath and converted to Palawa Joko's forces, being gifted with new powers and enlisted to hunt down the remaining Sunspears as a new group called the Mordant Crescent.

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